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This chapter introduces the basics of rendering with Redshift in Cinema 4D through comprehensible videos for beginners.

Dive in and learn fast.

You will learn about interactive previews, lighting, camera adjustments, and advanced rendering techniques like Progressive and Real-Time Rendering.

Get going after 60 minutes.

By the end, you'll have the tools to optimize your renderings and create your own images.

Quick Start

In this introductory chapter, you'll dive into the basics of rendering with Redshift within Cinema 4D. Through short and comprehensible videos, beginners are gradually introduced to various concepts, from setting up the software to using Redshift as a renderer. You'll gain insights into the use of interactive preview rendering, the placement of lights, and the adjustment of cameras in Redshift. Furthermore, you'll become familiar with various rendering techniques, from basic rendering to advanced methods like Progressive and Real-Time Rendering. Special effects such as Motion Blur and their application in C4D are also covered. Additionally, the chapter delves into the optimization of rendering parameters for efficient and high-quality results. By the end of the chapter, you're encouraged to apply your newly acquired knowledge in practice and create your own image. This chapter is designed to equip beginners with the necessary tools to kickstart their journey into the world of rendering with Redshift in C4D.


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The goal of this course is to empower learners with in-depth understanding.

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Redshift C4D Quickstart

A choice that makes the difference.

Redshift, C4D, Course

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